Tuesday, May 3, 2011

View from the sewing room window

When will I ever learn to never go down to the sewing room without the camera?! I'd just gotten down there and sat at the sewing machine, when all of a sudden there was a deer head right outside the window! I quickly sneaked away and ran for the camera, but alas, this was all I managed to catch:

I watched for a while, hoping it'd come back. I could barely see it up against the house to my right. Then it almost looked like it was going under the deck! So I ran to the other basement window, and sure enough, there it was, under the deck!!

The camera flashed, and that didn't even scare it away. Josie happened to follow me to the basement, and she got very interested in our visitor, too!

Yep, under the deck!

Then it wandered off, and I got to my sewing.

But lo and behold, it came back!!

Poor skinny thing... did you notice that hip bone jutting out? This is the sickly one. The other one wasn't along this time.

But such a gentle, pretty face.... up close and personal:

It was weird. That deer had to have seen me in the window. I went outside later and looked in the window, and everything inside was very plain to see! And what's more, I had my iPad on the window sill playing music. Surely it had to have heard.

I even managed to get a video. Turn up the volume and listen to the music I had on, thanks to Pandora.

As you can imagine, there's not much left of my tulips. I hadn't resprayed them after it rained. There are only 3 buds left. But what would you have done... chased the deer away, or taken the rare opportunity to get pics and video of a deer up this close? ;)


Jess said...

That's CRAZY!!! I guess you have a new friend. Who eats your flowers. :( Bad friend.

LiEr said...

Grandma G! That's a hard question. The husband (battle-scarred from chasing and loathing rabbits, squirrels and other foliage-eating pests) would have gone the "Shoo! Shoo!" route. But I would've grabbed the kids to come see. Neither of us would have even thought of the camera! So clever, you! Yes, OK, I do feel bad that she's/he's starving, but maybe she/he could eat a rabbit (demonstrating my biology-ignorance here) and make everyone happy?

Grandma G said...

I WISH she/he would eat a rabbit instead of my tulips! I kinda doubt that's gonna happen, though. However, that would solve another problem my tulips and garden have! What a brilliant idea!! Now if we could just convince the deer......

Anonymous said...

That's probably why the poor thing is sick, living on a diet of tulips.
I'm afraid mother nature is just not quite right sometimes.


Grandma G said...

I dunno, Dale... tulips just might beat the diet you're on.