Monday, May 2, 2011

Little things to sew

Hmmm... little things to sew.... sounds like a great book title! Wouldn't it be neat if there were a book of all kinds of little things to sew, complete with patterns and instructions?

Well, guess what? There is! It's pretty new... just came out last winter.

And guess what else? I have my very own copy of it, thanks to a gift certificate I got for Christmas! (My thanks to you, J&A!)

Here's what the front cover looks like:

And the back cover:

Lots of fun-looking things to make, huh? I like how they're pictured... like clothes and things to put on paper dolls (remember paper dolls???). No, the items to sew aren't for paper dolls... they're real things for kids.

But guess what? The book's paper jacket IS exactly that! Each little thing is made to cut out and put on paper dolls!

And inside the book, on one of the nice, heavy-weight pages, are two paper dolls! Sweet! (Just don't tell Courtney. I haven't let her in on that one yet. ;) )

Sew... anyone want to guess what I'm working on? It's pictured above. Hopefully I'll get it finished so I can show you pictures tomorrow or the next day.

And for after I finish that, I have it on good authority that some of Jess's new fabrics are being shipped to me today, plus a couple of patterns and other necessary sewing notions, etc. So I will be VERY busy later this week! I hope I'm up to the task my "boss" has set before me! ;)

I would have had the shipments sooner, except that Jess and Alex took a trip to Sweden before she had time to get things lined up! How cool is that?! If you'd like to hear a little about their trip and see some photos, go check out her blog post about it.


JHRME said...

Are you making that skirt? Ill take one too ;) C is so lucky her Grandma likes to sew!

Grandma G said...

Not telling which it is... yet. ;)

She's also lucky she's the only grandchild, so she gets ALL the "little things". Or maybe it's me who's lucky that I only have to make one of each??? ;)