Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pattern testing projects, Part 3

To whom it may concern: Please do not let Courtney see these posts! We wouldn't want her surprise to be ruined! ;)

Today I get to show you my favorite outfit in the pattern... a ball gown!

Isn't it elegant? I love how it's so poofy! And strapless, even.

LiEr sent me the sparkly satin for the skirt, and I had ribbing from 30 years or so ago for the bodice. :) It seemed rather plain with all the white, so I decided to embelish it a little. I used a technique I learned all those 30 years ago when I made T-shirts for Jess. All you have to do is stretch the doubled ribbing as you zigzag it, and you end up with that lovely ruffly effect.

The pink flower was from a set of many little fun trims that I was gifted with last Christmas. I fastened it onto the bodice with a couple of hand stitches, and then I glued on a circle of sparkly felt for the center.

On the bottom of the skirt, I just did a couple of rounds of scalloped stitch for trim. I did a little practicing on a scrap first, but I still kind of held my breath while sewing it, for fear I'd mess up the dress. Luckily it went smoothly (except for one tiny spot where I let my attention drift for a split second).

Here it is on little No-Name (as yet):

She's all set to head to a ball and find her Prince Charming!

I'm not sure Mary Janes are appropriate to wear to a ball, but since this was my only doll, and her shoes are attached to her feet, that's what she wears. The pattern, however, does also include templates and instructions for making ballet slippers or strappy sandals that might go well with a ball gown. There are flip-flops, too, which I've seen worn with prom dresses, so maybe even they would work for a ball, right? Lots of possibilities!


annie dee said...


Rachel said...

From the first picture I thought you'd shifted gears and made a fabric cake! I'm already trying to think up how to make a little tiara to go along with the gown. Even though my daughter is only 3 and is sure to lose every tiny accessory I come up with.

Grandma G said...

Thanks! Funny, Rachel... when I showed it to Grandpa, he didn't realize it was a dress, either - if I remember right, he thought it was a bag of some kind. :)

LiEr said...

Aaaaah. . . it is really pretty! I especially like the scalloped embroidery on the hem. I suspect I actually have that same stitch on my machine - I should learn to use it! And yes, that first photo made me think of a wedding cake- very elegant. My dresses all stand up on their own, too!

Jessica Jones said...

Oooo, pretty.

Grandma G said...

Thank you, thank you! :)