Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Courtney's enterprise

Yesterday I showed you the Christmas ornaments Courtney and Auntie Jess made during their long crafting session. Today you get to see what they did with them next!

Courtney came home with us Monday night for a sleepover after we'd all gone out for supper. She was quite happy to show us the 2¢ she'd "earned" before coming. She had told Mommy and Daddy they could each spank her if they paid her a penny (or something like that)! I guess she liked making money, because she decided to sell the ornaments she and Jess had made. So they set up a little "booth" for her sales:

They made a little box to hold the ornaments...

... and Courtney made a sign for her customers:

Those ornaments sold out REALLY fast! Come back tomorrow and see what happened to them next! (I didn't take many photos over the holiday, so I have to stretch this out as long as I can, okay? ;) )


annie dee said...

Enterprising indeed! I'm looking forward to the next installment on ornaments.
I hope you are snug and warm indoors. The news is showing ridiculously low temps out your way. Be safe. Hug a cat. Or two.

Grandma G said...

Ridiculously cold is right! I only venture out to feed my poor cats (you should see how huge they look with their furry coats this winter!) and get the mail, and it takes a ridiculous amount of time to put on (and take off after) enough clothes to survive it.

I do hug cats often. :) Winter naps are great, too, in my recliner with Annabelle on my lap and Josie between my legs on the footrest. ;)

LiEr said...

Okay, so I'm back in the land of the living. Just wanted to check in to see what I'd missed. I love the ornaments C and J made! Gorgeous. But um... why no orange? Although I guess the display box counts.

So much to catch up on- mostly chores, though. Frigid temps again today. Can't wait for spring. Have a happy, healthy new year too, GG!

Grandma G said...

No orange because the papers (pre-scored, even) and instructions actually came from a book. I guess I should've shown the book, but I didn't take the time to dig it out. Bad me.