Monday, August 8, 2016

International Cat Day

Since August 8th is International Cat Day (and since I haven't posted in over a week), I thought I should give you an update on my cats. And please, if you're (at least somewhat) local and see one or more you'd love to adopt, let me know! There's definitely an overpopulation around here this year!

First we have Buttercup, whom I've shown you before. She still manages to be a resident of the garage, although usually just at night. She is very much loved by Courtney, of course.

She's grown up a lot! Here she is, as of this morning.

I showed you a couple of Patches' kittens before, too. There turned out to be four, and here they are with Patches. Such a beautiful variety! They're just a couple weeks younger than Buttercup, so actually bigger than this now, too... but they're pretty shy and hard to get photos of.

This little gal is my favorite, even if she does have a mustache. Heheh.

Below is Peachy, one of Patches' from last year. She's such a lovely kitty. She did, however, manage to get herself stuck in a hole in the silage chopper when she was about full term pregnant, and I had quite a time getting her out! It was a tight fit! She really loves me now, though, since I rescued her. :)

Not much variety in her litter of five. Ha.

Both Peachy's (above) and Kelly's (below) had to be relocated because hay bales got moved away exposing their homes. The moms just moved them farther back into the haystack, although Peachy has since moved hers into the machine shed.

Here's Kelly about to make a new nest after feeding them (above)...

... and here are her three stuffed little babies, in a milk coma.

My biggest surprise was just last week when Autumn brought me her baby! I hadn't even known she was pregnant... she certainly didn't show it! But I guess with just one, it wasn't so hard to keep the secret.

He's just the cutest, sweetest little guy, and he wasn't terribly wild at all. He's very furry!

He's also very photogenic, and I can hardly stop taking pictures of him!

He lived on the deck steps for a day or so, but then mama moved him to the lilac bushes, a much better choice.

So there you have 'some' of the outside cats/kittens. There's also a long-haired kitten about the size of Patches' that appeared out of nowhere and decided to stay. She's a bit camera-shy (and people-shy) as yet, though. Rainbow, Buttercup's mom, has already had a second litter this year. *sigh* I don't know where they are so haven't seen them yet. Knowing her, she'll be dragging them to the garage soon. Aargh. There could also be other litters, too, that I don't know about.

Of course I still have my two goofs in the house. They get pretty bored when I'm at the computer for too long.

So that's the latest cat update. Happy ICD!

I'm sewing again - another "For Women Only" - bra #3. I tweaked the pattern again in several places, so I hope I've got the perfect fit this time. I hope.


Anonymous said...

That kitty on the deck step is adorable! Definitely photogenic! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Audrey

annie dee said...

All adorable but especially Autumn's little one. I would scoop that one up and snuggle him all day!

Grandma G said...

That little guy's winning hearts right and left! Courtney and her mom fell in love today, too. ❤️

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Does Courtney and her mom want more cats? 😋

They're all so sweet, but it's an awful lot of kittens. I hope some of them will find a new home soon.

I do have my favorites and I'm glad I live far because I would have a very hard time not bringing a bunch of them home. 😁

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Also, it's very cool that Peachy is suddenly loving you so much.

Grandma G said...

Courtney would love another cat (or a dozen), but mom draws the line at two. 😉

Canned cat food has that effect on all outdoor cats. 😂

I wish you lived closer!! 😄