Friday, July 29, 2016

Crafting with Courtney - the Izzy sign

When Courtney was here on Tuesday, she decided she wanted to have a little more sewing practice. I'd bought a kit a long time ago with various craft projects in it, and the time seemed to be right for getting it out. Most of the sewing projects were hand sewing, but I thought they'd work just as well on the machine, so we picked one out and she went to work. 

She first did some designing, then she sewed on applique pieces. She did so well at the machine that I even left her alone with it for a bit to go upstairs and make myself a cup of tea. She remembered how to thread it from the few weeks ago that she'd made the Izzy purse, so she was able to change thread colors all by herself. And except for getting her started at the beginning, she did it all by herself!

After that, there was some hand sewing. Here she is, happily getting started at that.

She learned how to tie a nice neat knot in her thread, then she sewed on some buttons and tied them off on the back, with barely any help from me.

She had a furry "assistant" who just had to be near.....

..... even though she seemed rather bored with the whole process. At least she was content to let Courtney do all the work.

After the sewing, there came the decorating decisions.

Last was the gluing.

Voilà! The completed project! Izzy's her cat, but can you figure out her design theme?

Of course there had to be the signature 'eye' photo.

The glue was not dry yet under the clear butterflies, but we were hoping it would dry clear, and sure enough, it did. Here's a photo she took herself at home and sent me to show me how it looked when the glue had dried.

She also wanted you to have one more picture for size reference.

Pretty cool, huh? I am SO proud of her! She's well on her way to becoming a great sewer (seamstress? sewist?) someday! She's a fast learner, and she's so careful and does such a beautiful job. She also has some lovely design ideas (did you figure out that theme yet?) and is creative in many ways.

Next time (in 2 weeks, because she goes to Bible camp next week) she'll make a sign for her other cat, Zoey. A girl has to be fair, y'know. :)


Geneviève Thiffault said...

She's better not start making signs for your cats too... She probably wouldn't be finished before college! 😂

That's some nice work she did there, she might have just as much sewing talent as you do. I was terrible at sewing at her age, unable to sew straight (so my mom was twice as surprised when I started making nice things! Ha!). I can't even imagine how good she could become if she keeps sewing for a few more years. I tip my hat to you Miss C!

Now, I already know the answer, but I won't say a thing. There's gotta be someone else who will find it? 😁

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Also, have you even seen anyone as happy to use glue as Courtney seems to be? The complete opposite of her assistant! 😂

Grandma G said...

Ahhh, Gen... thanks for the giggles! 😄 Some of my "few" cats don't even have names, much less signs to put them on! That'd be quite the job, all right! And the glue... I guess she's a gleeful gluer, huh? 😜

You've certainly come a long way in your sewing! I guess we all have our starting points. ;) Thanks for your kind words for Courtney! ❤️

annie dee said...

Nice job Courtney! I think she's been practicing out of eye shot. And yes she's pretty excited about using the glue. LOL

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Annie Dee! I'll tell her what you said! :)

Megumi said...

Great work, Courtney!
From her big fan in Japan!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Megumi! She doesn't know she has a fan from so far away, but I'll sure tell her! 💕