Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sewing with Courtney

Courtney came on Tuesday with her sewing idea already in mind (and could hardly wait for her mom to get out of here so we could begin - ha... poor mom!), so we did a little googling for an image to go by, picked out some fleece and felt, and went to work. I did most of the cutting using a rotary cutter and my circle cutter, which are just too dangerous for little fingers, but she did all the rest. Can you tell what she's making?

If you guessed an emoji pillow, you are correct! Here it is, finished:

And one more pic, because Grandma said so:

It was pretty simple to make, but it took some careful sewing around all those curves. She did a fantastic job at that! She's getting really good at the sewing machine and better all the time at controlling her speed with the foot pedal. She also learned how to do the ladder stitch to close up the hole after she stuffed the pillow, not to mention remembering how to make a perfect knot in her thread. Grandma's delighted with her progress!

If you were expecting to see a Zoey sign, I think you're out of luck. She seems to have nixxed that idea, so Zoey will have to live without her sign. You just might, however, be seeing another emoji or two. Maybe. Unless she gets another big inspiration for a different project. Y'never know with that girl... her mind's wheels are always turning with ideas!

Gee, Courtney's been in the last 3 blog posts now! Before you know it, she'll be taking over the sewing machine, and maybe she can even take over writing blog posts, since I seem to be so lax about it. Y'never know...... ;)

Her Izzy purse got judged this week, but she doesn't get to find out the results until the fair starts next week. So we're all in suspense!


annie dee said...

Excellent job, Courtney! You're doing great!

Geneviève Thiffault said...

So many curves and details to sew, fantastic job Courtney!

I love her bright and fun ideas. Creativity seems to run in the family. ;)

I hope she'll get good results for her craft fair project. Good luck!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, friends! Courtney will be happy to hear what you've said!

kathy said...

I'm happy to hear her Izzy purse got entered into the fair! I hope she wins s big blue ribbon!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Kathy! I'll hopefully have a nice photo of her and her ribbon to show you! ;)