Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Also in my "sweatshop"

(Click to enlarge.)

Looks like it'll be blooming for quite awhile yet! Unfortunately, the other two amaryllises have nothing to show for themselves but leaves. Maybe my thumb is turning brown. Or maybe it's gotten pricked by pins too many times when making buckets. ;-(


Anonymous said...

It must be the pin pricks.

Wow! that thing is nice and healthy.
Does this mean spring is around the corner? I hope so.

Another harbinger of spring, tornadoes in OK.


Grandma G said...

Spring around the corner? I don't know about that... amaryllises usually bloom in the dead of winter. ;-)

grace said...

Very Nice!! Makes for plesant working conditions. The sweatshop BOSS has class.

Now get back to work. Soon it wil be Spring and the elf will want to be sweating in the garden. (:+}

Grandma G said...

"Class"... heheh. Just don't ask me to show you the messy part of the sweatshop. ;-)

I 'have' been working today... on a couple of tote bags again... custom order. Kinda fun to be back at that again after 20 buckets. These will be my 23rd and 24th bags.

This elf is in no hurry for spring... yet. Enjoying the sewing too much right now.