Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, little TWO-year-old!

She had her fun party yesterday. Here she is with one of the cakes Mommy made. Isn't it cute?

Just a little taste of the frosting so far!

And the big blow! She got it!

We missed Auntie Kris and family who couldn't come because of illness. And Great Grandma who will see Courtney later. So the pics are especially for them. And there'll be more. Gosh, I only took 111 pics! I've whittled them down to 94. :-) I hear ya... some "I hope she doesn't post 'em ALL!" and some "I want to see 'em ALL!" Well, I can't do them all, but I'll eventually show you the best of the best. Later. Today I have to make buckets, or Boss might fire me. I know it's Sunday, but she's paying me double time. ;-)

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