Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sticker power!

Courtney LOVES stickers! And stickers are powerful incentives! Since we've been doing the potty training thing, Mommy started giving Courtney a sticker to put on a chart as a reward for pooping in the potty. So Grandma gave her a sticker last week when Courtney finally managed to do it here.

Courtney DOES NOT FORGET a thing!! Especially a GOOD thing! So yesterday she worked really hard... I mean REALLY hard (picture a very red little face)... to earn another sticker. And she got one on her first potty trip! And on her second... and on her third... and.......

Yep, that's how our day went. She managed to squeeze out at least a little nubbin SIX TIMES! LOL! And she was duly rewarded her stickers from Grandma. (Thanks, Highlights magazine, for all those free smiley stickers! Little did you know! Maybe we'll have to subscribe to the magazine for Courtney sometime down the road in appreciation for those wonderful incentives.)

She had fun finding creative places to stick her stickers, too.

(Click to enlarge.)

(Looks a little tired, doesn't she? After all that effort, you would, too!) The last one was placed carefully on the bottom of her shoe.

Auntie Jess will appreciate that the first four stickers Courtney chose were all ORANGE!


Anonymous said...

They just don't get any cuter than this little one.

Soon you may find stickers on the bottom of your shoe too.


Grandma G said...

I sure won't argue about the cuteness factor!

Funny... I actually did find one there this morning! :-)

You're just soooo smart, Dale!

live a colorful life said...

She is too cute. Now Charlotte is getting a penny for her penny bank each time she stays dry during naptime. Big incentive. Hey, you gotta use what works!

Jess said...

Ah, she loves orange already. Fantastic.