Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't tell Mommy, but...

Courtney got a little peek at one of the gifts before the official opening time!

Nope, she wasn't being naughty. Grandma G wanted to get a pic of her cute hair before it got messed up, so back in the bedroom Grandma H suggested we let her peek in a gift (from Grandma H) to get her to hold still long enough for a few shots. Of course, Courtney was delighted with that idea, and it didn't take her long to dig in. ;-)

Notice how the tissue paper wrapping got tossed far and wide.

Ooooh... a cute set of dishes, with matching napkins in the cups, even!

Afterwards, Grandma H carefully tucked everything back into place, and nobody was the wiser. And when it came time to open all the gifts, Courtney did a great job of pretending like she'd never seen it before! So shhhhhhh... let's keep this our little secret!!


Anonymous said...

I promise not to tell.


Kim said...

how sneaky... and no one was any the wiser.