Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to Christmas

I must get caught up on my backlog of photos!

Okay, so these pics look more like birthday than Christmas, don't they? Well, they were taken the weekend we celebrated Christmas with Jess 'n Alex. But we also celebrated all the birthdays that we aren't always together for. We more often than not go to Chicago (or J&A come here) sometime around Jess's, mine and Grandpa's, so this time we celebrated Courtney's, Alex's, Suzi's and Nate's. We had party hats for the birthday "kids", cakes (very LITTLE ones), candles (one apiece), ice cream and all. Quite a wild party it was. ;-)

Don't they look eager, though?!

Nate blew his candle out with one blow, and Suzi was determined to do the same.

As Suzi gloated about her success, Alex seemed to be worried that he wouldn't be able to match their blowing power. ;-)

Look at that lovely blow! Was it enough???

Yep, he was quite successful. No sweat at all.

And the YUMMY little cakes and ice cream were enjoyed by everyone.


Jess said...

Your captions are hilarious! Yes, Alex did look rather concerned and intimidated by Suzi, didn't he?

grace said...

Me thinks you adults probably had way too much fun in the presence of the minor child1 (:-}

I can see someone did a bit of planning prior to the BASH. Adorable hats--cute little cakes /with candles noless and of course hiring the professional photographer for the event.

Looks like a good time was had by all.

Grandma G said...

It was a pretty rowdy party, but don't worry, Grace... we put Courtney to bed before the 'real' fun started! ;-O

Gotta give Jess the credit for the cakes and candles. Those little cakes were soooo yummy!