Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And today the missus stopped by...

... for a few bites of grape jelly.

(Photo's fuzzy, but consider that it was taken from about 20 feet away!)

She's sure not as pretty as her hubby, is she?

I really enjoy having all the birds to watch while I'm cutting out fabric on my kitchen table. I always keep the camera close by.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your orioles.
I envy your orioles.

Thanks, Dale

I imagine your sewing/construction skills are benefiting from lots of use.

Grandma G said...

You envy them, huh? Well, I'll give YOU some grape jelly next time you come... how'd that be?

Anonymous said...

Well, fluck yes.
That would be great.

I had to use that word because it is the key to send this.

I'm not kidding it really is.


Grandma G said...

Yeah, those word verifications can be really interesting sometimes! ;-)