Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's official!

Finally I can show you what I've been doing with all that fabric! When Jess posted on her blog about this bag that she'd made, she had a number of commentors saying they'd love to buy one if she sold them in her Etsy shop. Unfortunately, the free pattern was for personal use only, and not for making to sell. However, the woman who designed the pattern (Rae Hoekstra, got so many requests for license to sell, that she agreed to do it, and yesterday she put the pattern for sale in her Etsy shop. We knew this was coming, so I started making the bags, and here's what I've sent Jess so far. They are now available in her Etsy shop!

A closer look at a couple of them:

(Click any photo to enlarge.)

Their size is about 11½" wide by 7½" high. Don't they look delicious in those fabrics?!

Update: They sold out in less than 24 hours. Not that I was surprised, between the cute pattern and gorgeous fabrics! ;-) I shall be busy making more!


grace said...

Yes, they do look delicious==like a display of 'pick a mix" and all so yummy which would I pick. One for each outfit. Nice job--Jess, Candy and pattern lady.

Aunite Kris said...

oooh I want one!