Friday, May 22, 2009

If you bring a child to Courtney's daycare...

... you'd better make sure her panties have good elastic! These kept falling off, and the process of putting them back on may have left a little to be desired for the baby.

No, I haven't been totally bird-brained and forgotten to post about Courtney lately. I'm just running out of 'stuff', and this is the last I have. I didn't take any pics/videos of her last week (if you can imagine that!), and this week I didn't have her on Tuesday! I hope to make up for lost time this weekend, though, when she comes here to visit with Jess 'n Alex, who are coming on Saturday - YAY!! Also, since they're coming, this may be my last post for awhile, unless I see something that I just MUST share with you.

Hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend... and that your Courtney withdrawals are eased a bit today. :-)


grace said...

Those "Pull-Ups" are a pain. Maybe better go back to diapers.

Have a great wk-end.

Grandma G said...

Grace, you cracked me up! Thanks for the giggle!

You have a great time this weekend, too, with those adorable little girls!

Anonymous said...

I tried the standing on my head technique this morning and had the same problem.
Ended up with both legs in the same leg hole.
So much for trying new things.

Later, Dale

live a colorful life said...

I'm slow in catching up here so I hope you get this. Anyway, man, those panties can be tough to put on sometimes. We had Charlotte this evening and she kept pulling on her night-time pull-ups. Something wrong. Turns out she had a wedgie. Bummer.

Grandma G said...

Dale, I would've liked to have seen that. (Well, maybe not!)

Cindy, I think it's so cute watching little girls pull up their pull-ups, panties, or whatever. Wedgies do seem to happen a lot. :-) And Courtney has this little "squat" thing she'll do every now and then, when something doesn't feel quite right, in the middle of playing or whatever. Hilarious. :-)