Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sidewalk artists at work

This is some of what went on while Jess and I were sewing.


Anonymous said...

Now, there is a bunch of very focused artists.
Heads all down with creative wheels churning.
I'll bet you'd take the rain even if it washed it away.


grace said...

So! Has the CSI Iona crew been out to check out the crime scene yet? Looks like the body on the driveway may not have been guilt free. I noticed the victim has a gun in his hand!Were any children harmed in the making of this movie?

Grandma G said...

Grace, you would have to notice the gun! Actually, the case has been solved. The "victim" was your son-in-law. For more info, ask his wife. ;-)

No, no children were harmed. We take every precaution to prevent that. :-)