Thursday, April 15, 2010

The crew

Breakfast time with Mama, Orangey, Orangey, No Name, and Blacky. The two Orangeys are toms... they're always ready to eat. The rest are females and don't get along very well, so they sorta (grudgingly) take turns eating.

Mama and Blacky are pregnant. Can't wait to see babies again!

This next pic is interesting...

It needs a caption. Anybody?


Kim said...

lol....what i'm thinking isn't appropriate for print. Can't wait to see what others think though.

Anonymous said...

My Caption:

"Don't be so finicky."
"You will eat it and you'll like it."


JHRME said...

"If you like it so much you can wear it!" (Except its not wet, so I imagine it wouldnt stick to their faces?)

Becky said...

"I love Fridays at the Hair Dresser. The snacks are sooooo yummy!"

"Don't wiggle while I finish fluffing you!"

Anonymous said...

"Excuse me, I have to jump over to check out this cottontail pretending to be a cat."


Grandma G said...

My boring thought was: "Mom, I'm done... can I be excused?"

Fun to hear the varied ideas! If you have any more, toss 'em out there. I love hearing them!

Kim's is probably the winner, though. Wish I knew what it was. ;) Sorry, no prize.