Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring does have its down side

Yeah, the deer. What with the busy-ness of going to Chicago, then catching up on everything when we got back, I never gave a thought to what was happening with my growing things outside. I just assumed they were happily maturing along. Well, they were, for awhile. But alas, here's what many of my tulips look like now.

Deer have come to eat them right up in front of the house. Grrrr....! I still have some left... maybe half of them. But this is so maddening! Liquid Fence works... when you use it. I couldn't get the sprayer pumps to work since I saw these tulips like this, so I've since just poured some along the flowers, and it seems to be working, but that's pretty wasteful. I do need to do some more thorough spraying, if I can find a different spray bottle around here.

On Saturday, it was such a lovely day that I had all the windows in the house open. That evening as it started getting dark, I went to close a bedroom window and scared a deer off the lawn in front of the house. I then went to another window and saw 2 deer standing out by the garden (unplanted as yet). I think they have their plans for the summer. I also think I'd better stock up on more Liquid Fence. *sigh*

Then again, deer do have the cutest babies! See the fawn and the fawn story and the fawn update.


Becky said...

I have a love/hate feeling about deer too. I love to see the mamas and the babies but hate when they devour my hostas. All my tulips were eaten by the danged voles. So now i am trying to use/utilize "deer resistant" plants. But we all know if deer are hungry they will eat everything!

Grandma G said...

Oh, no... they eat hostas, too? I guess they haven't discovered mine yet on the other side of the house. Shhhhhh!

Becky said...

I won't tell!

Cornelius said...

"Have you tried deer off? I've used both and deer off is more effective than liquid fence. Plus, it doesn't smell once it dries. I got a good deal on it at They give you 10% off if you sign up for the newsletter.
Here's the repellent I'm talking about:"