Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here it is!!

Sorry to keep you waiting. My latest sewing project has taken longer than I anticipated (don't they all?). BUT... part of it is now done! Courtney got to check it out this morning. It got her A+ stamp of approval! In fact, she's been carrying it around most of the morning... she's delighted with it, to say the least!

AND... it made the grade for her daycare! Here it is, taking its first nap. It even rated use of the other baby's blanket!

Oh. You're STILL wondering what it is? I mean, can't you TELL? Huh.

Sorry again, but I must consult with my new "boss" (okay, she's the same ol' boss, but the "job" is new) to see if I can unveil it yet. She may insist that I complete the project before I can make it available for public viewing.

For now, though, I must sign off. My little "boss" (the 3-yr.-old one) is insisting we take the new "project" outside for a bit. We must see if the grass is dry enough for playing in or taking pictures in. Seeya all later!


grace said...

Do ya think I can get Courtney to SPILL THE BEANS?
She will be with Grandma H. all day tomorrow---if I can get to sleep before morning I may have the energy to drill her. (;-}

Grandma G said...

I'm sure you won't have to drill her very hard to get her to spill 'em. She can give you all the details. :)

And now I'd better head to bed! It's not that I 'can't' sleep, it's just that I haven't made it that far yet. But I can't see over my yawns, so I'd better git! I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping again (yet?). That's so frustrating!

The Luedtke Family said...

It's a stuffed elephant. At least that is my guess.

Becky said...

My, aren't you two just ladies of mystery!

Grandma G said...

Hmmm... Becky and Becky... this gets confusing! :)

It's not a stuffed elephant, but you're sorta on the right track!

"Lady of mystery"... I don't think I've ever been called that before! Ummm... thanks! ;)

Okay, so I was gonna post real pics yet tonight... with permission from 'the boss'... but after spending 2 hours on the lawn mower in a 40 mph wind, then supper at 9:00, I believe I'll go wash my eyeballs and other body parts and head off to bed. You'll just have to be patient and wait till tomorrow for the "unveiling". (Or would that be the "unblanketing"???)