Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Next sewing project

Anybody care to venture a guess as to what I'm making next? The fabric pieces you can see are felt. There's also some fleece involved. Coincidentally, the colors match the tulips! Totally unplanned. But that's why I decided to take the picture. And no, I'm not making tulips. Or flowers of any kind. Think a little bigger... but not as big as a chair. :-)

I thought if I showed you some of my project, it'd spur me on to hurry up and get it done. I am so pokey.


JHRME said...

A woven basket/purse? A carrier for Courtney's babies?

Grandma G said...

Nope. Nope.


Grandma G said...

BTW, you were up kinda early, weren't you? ;)

Becky said...

A bunch of felt shapes and a felt board for Courtney to play with?

Grandma G said...

Good idea, Becky, but that's not it.

You guys are right keeping Courtney in mind, though. Speaking of whom, I didn't make any progress on the project yesterday, since she was here for over 13 hours. :) And today is grocery day, then I have to do the first-of-the-year lawn mowing, which is a two-hour job. So probably not much progress today, either.

But you'll never guess the project, anyway. ;)

Becky said...

Felt fake food for Courtney's day care babies!?

Grandma G said...

Toldja you wouldn't guess it! ;)

It's more complicated than that. Hopefully today I can complete something to show you. Unless I decide I just can't resist doing a little tilling and planting in the garden. Hmmm... decisions.

You were up pretty late thinkin' last night, Becky! Is my project keeping you awake? ;)

Becky said...

Yeppers, I shall not sleep until I figure it all out!

Actually, since our Petey the Boston Terrier's stroke last Fall I have many late nights because he has his days and nights flipped. Sort of like when babies do that.

Grandma G said...

Oh, dear... you may have to go sleepless a little longer. It's going together more slowly than I thought. But I'll hurry, just for you! ;)

Oh, dear... poor Petey... and you. Dunno 'bout you, but I'm gettin' too old to be up in the night with babies!