Monday, June 21, 2010

Braids & kittens

These videos are mostly for Mommy and Grandma H, who didn't get to see Courtney in the braids before. :)



Did you notice how the kitten that was "hers" was a different one each time? ;-)

And did you notice the fingernail color?! Daycare did it, not Grandma! :)


grace said...

I love your baby kittys too. Courtney comes by her love for Kittens from both her grandmas and her mama. Good thing we are not collecting horses like we do cats. Her hair is so neat in the braids. Did she sit still for that beauty treatment? Just finished freezing asparagus. Got ten nice bags with your and mine. Thanks a bunch. We will remember you each time we eat a meal of asparagus next winter.

The Luedtke Family said...

Ooooh, asparagus. Something I want to add to my garden. Good to know you can freeze it!

Kitties and small-fries go so well together! All are adorable.

Grandma G said...

Did she sit still? Well, SHE thought she did. ;) I guess she sat as still as any 3-yr-old could. ;)

Yes, asparagus freezes nicely. I just don't freeze any myself anymore, because we eat so much fresh during the summer that we don't enjoy it that much during the winter, especially after it's been frozen.

live a colorful life said...

French braids are the cutest thing. Charlotte insisted on French braids for our "family" group photo last month.

Grandma G said...

The main reason for these braids was so that Daddy didn't have to "do hair" for daycare while Mommy was out of town for a few days. They did stay in very well, but she looked a little "fuzzy" by the time I picked her up after daycare (see the Father's Day pics). I do really like French braids, too!

JHRME said...

Those are really neat and finely parted braids! Im impressed! What fun activities she gets to do and things she gets to learn about. I want to bring "my kids" out for a couple days of field trips! Theyd be busy busy for ours! Talk about the original Montessori School! More proof I need lots of Alpaca, and kitties and two dogs that work and break up Alpaca fights.

Grandma G said...


Sure, bring "your kids" anytime! Sounds like you need to move away from your stinky neighbors and get a farm!