Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't say I didn't warn you

Yep, more kitty pics! :-)

We have another newbie. Another Blackie. He just 'appeared' a few days ago. Very tame. Very friendly. Very handsome but with matted, long hair and burdock in his tail.

Of course, Courtney was delighted.

Even the other cats tolerate him pretty well, although Orangey and Orangey would rather he wasn't here. ;-) But they're all young enough to not know that tomcats fight and chase each other away. Heheh.

Mama kitty's getting pretty tame, too! She even dared to come pretty close to Courtney.

But the most fun, of course, is still the new babies.

Even though it can get frustrating when they don't stay where you want them. ;-)

Orangey is maybe worried that he's being replaced?

The good news is that Mama moved the babies into the machine shed, so now they're much easier to get at. Grandma no longer has to get down on her knees in the long grass and try to reach them from under the stock tank. Hurray!

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