Monday, June 7, 2010

A new critter

Well, new to my blog, anyway. Certainly not new to our farm.

Meet Chuck:

Woodchuck, that is.

He sure was nosey.

This is right out in front of our house, mind you. I first saw him heading across the driveway, looking like he was going down into the ditch. Suddenly he changed his mind and headed back toward the house and went under the deck (probably to eat the flowers off the violets... I think they're his favorite). I grabbed the camera and headed out, determined to shoot him.

He ran a ways away and stopped, so I got the first photo. Then he ducked into the culvert under the driveway, so I waited. Sure enough, he poked his head out the other end. We watched each other a long time. :-)

A woodchuck is also known as a groundhog, did you know that? I wonder if he's related to Phil.


JHRME said...

Hes funny. Full of personality. So are you! "Going to shoot him" hahah

Anonymous said...

Well I think you could capture it and use it next winter to prognosticate.


Grandma G said...

Hadta shoot him one way or another! ;)

Just like his cousin, Phil, huh, Dale?

grace said...

Ya, Maybe next time you should really SHOOT him. He will prove to be a real pest. WE had one once that chewed on our underground electrical wire leading from the pole to the house and all the power in the house went to half voltage and every light was on a dimmer switch as well as all the major appliances. Not a good thing. Had to have back hoe out to dig up our lovely rock garden to get to the wire. Gurr, How ever if you shy away from the gun you might try packing his little butt up and sending him off to Punxsutawney to visit his cousin Phil

Grandma G said...

I'll keep that in mind if I ever see him again, Grace! ;)