Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MORE kittens?!

(FINALLY, Lori! :-) And if you read this in time, tell Janet her friend is welcome to either or both, if she wants.)

What did I do but "adopt" a couple more kittens! They needed a home and are only a couple weeks older than mine, so they fit in just right.

Here they are, as they were first introduced to my kittens.

They spent the first 2-3 hours in the carrier (with the door open). I wanted to just let them take their time and come out on their own. Ummm... even though they wouldn't go out, that doesn't mean nobody else went in! That's one of mine in the background. I guess she thought the carrier looked pretty cushy. The other two didn't seem to notice her.

They wouldn't go out on their own, so I finally started playing with them with a piece of straw, and they got in the mood and started chasing and exploring.

Not without a little sassiness first, though! :-)

But as you'll see from the videos, they've adapted quite nicely.

This first one was taken as Courtney was just encountering the 'surprise' babies.

It's being a BUSY week here, so I'm getting behind on my blogging. Pics and videos are getting backlogged. I'll catch up someday.... maybe......


The Luedtke Family said...

Any of these kittens bound to go home with Courtney?

Grandma G said...

If she had her way! But she already has an 8-mo-old kitty who causes enough trouble all by itself, so Mommy says no more! :)

Robin Charlotte Humphrey said...

aw i love the lil'hisser! my kitty was a hisser for the first month he came he is the BIGGEST baby's hard to believe he was such a sassy kitten!

violet said...


JHRME said...

Oooh very sasssy! That one would be mine haha I think she's funny. Then luke would say no because he would only want a cat that acts like a dog.

Grandma G said...

Luke sure has a lot of excuses, doesn't he? ;) Maybe he's like my Jess's Alex who hates cats (mainly because he's allergic to them) but left a pic of Willow as background on his iPhone for 6 months... till he got a new iPhone! I think she touched his heart before her short life ended. Now if we could just do away with the allergies, Jess'd have a kitten of her own in a heartbeat!