Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look, Jenna and Jaime!



Anonymous said...

Well, what a lucky girl.

Now, let's see how long before the first skinned knee or scrapped elbow.
I know she has a guardian angel, grandma G, but it is inevitable.
New cat name: patay
Dale new cat name

The Luedtke Family said...

Nothing a kiss and a band-aid cannot fix!!!

Grandma G said...

Dale, she had already wiped out on it twice that day before I took the pics. Nothing serious, but this slanted driveway is just a bit treacherous for a newbie rider.

Yes, Becky... kisses and band-aids go a long ways! :)

grace said...

Great job Courtney. Grandpa and Grandma H. are so proud of you. So nice of cousins to hand the bike down to you. I bet you can teach Cadyn how to ride as quickly as you learned. Don't worry about the Boo Boos, they will heal fast. Don't wear the cement off Grandma G's driveway!

Jenna and Jaime said...

We are so glad that Courtney can use our $10 garage sale bike. We love getting great deals, and handing them down to Courtney.

live a colorful life said...

You gotta love a purple bike!! But I think she needs streamers from the handle grips.

Grandma G said...

$10?! Whatta deal!!

She does have streamers. And she likes to take them off once in a while... because she can, I guess. :) I think they were lying on the steps in the garage at that point.