Sunday, August 15, 2010


Another bug. Must be that time of year. At least it's a pretty one, JHRME!

I noticed this one while I was hanging clothes on the line yesterday, so I had to run back into the house for the camera. I don't recall ever seeing one like it before. Or at least if I did, I didn't pay any attention to it. But I seem to be a little more observant these days. Must be the camera. And Mark's moth got me to pay more attention to details, because I found that there can be many very similar-looking butterflies or moths.

Have a closer look:

I had to do some researching again to figure out what it was. Believe it or not, it's called a Question Mark. I guess I should've gotten a pic of the other side of its wings, because that's where the question mark appears.

I also discovered that there are butterflies called Commas! Guess why? Yep, they have commas on the underside of their wings. Their top sides look almost identical to the question mark, except that where the question mark has that sort of horizontal line of 4 dots, the comma has only 3 dots. Then again, there are gray commas and green commas besides just the commas. And on we go.....

By the way, this one was very much alive. It generously let me take my pics, then it flew off. I also saw a dark swallowtail sunning itself in the grass, but it wouldn't let me get anywhere near it for photos. Bummer.


JHRME said...

Haha I like this one! I think if I had my own classroom I'd try to incorporate the question mark and comma to help the kiddos remember!

artzyfartzy said...

omg great capture ! just beautiful!