Sunday, August 8, 2010

Evening sounds

As requested by Mark, here are our cicadas as they sounded last night... with a few crickets chirping in between the cicada rounds.

And on and on they "sang"......

The 'thump' in the middle was the cat jumping off the deck railing. You should've seen the video I tried taking before this one. I was steadying the camera on the railing, and she came over and was licking my hands and purring loudly into the microphone. Then you could see the bottoms of her feet as she jumped over the camera. As a grand finale, she dangled her tail in front of the lens. Great help, she was! :-)


Anonymous said...

I had to research this subject a little because I thought maybe the sound was a katydid.
I often hear the continuous buzz of cicadas but your sound had a rythim to it that made me think katydid.
Found some cool stuff on youtube.

I've been away from computers for a while.

Grandma G said...

Katydidn't here.

I thought there was always the rhythm like that with cicadas.

Yeah, I've missed your comments! Was beginning to think everybody had deserted me. But I know summer gets really busy for everybody.

Hope you're keeping cool!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you explained the thumping because I would of thought it was you slapping mosquitos.

It was great to hear but was enough to remind me that they can drive you crazy after a while.

Stay out of the humidity! Like you can.


The Luedtke Family said...

Do you get the mass of cicadas every 17 years? We had them a few years back where all you could see, hear, and practically touch were cicadas. Simon and I played with them by putting them in his dump trucks, whacking the shells off trees with sticks, and putting them wherever he fancied them to go. They were loud and quite clumsy fliers! If interested, I'll give you the links to our blogged events with the cicadas. Eric remembers crunching them with every step and sweeping them off his driveway when he was in high school.

Grandma G said...

Gee, Mark... you 'would' have to go 'n remind me of the mosquitoes! We usually don't have many at our place, but this year we have an abundant crop. They like the tropics. And me.

No, we never get that many cicadas, Becky. I've never even seen a live one. In fact, these are the only "skins" I ever remember finding. I searched your blog and found the cicada posts. Eeuw! That'd be awful to have them that thick! YUCK! I don't suppose hawks eat cicadas, do they?