Friday, August 13, 2010

PRETTY pics (NOT bugs!)

A few weeks ago in the grocery store I couldn't pass up this mini rose plant that had coral colored (though they look more pink in the photo) buds.

I put it into a bigger pot and have been setting it outside every day. It really took off and now has a whole new set of blooms. So I thought you'd enjoy seeing it instead of bugs for a change. ENJOY, and as always, click the pics to enlarge if you want.

I hope it will do as well in the house over the winter. It'll get plenty of south sun, so it should. Well, once Josie figures out it has thorns, anyway.


JHRME said...

I like these pictures! Much better than bugs!

Grandma G said...

Thank you! I hope they were a relief for your bugged out eyes.

Grace said...

Very pretty. Good idea putting it into a larger pot. I have never seen those tiny roses do anything except bloom out, dry up and die. It would be fun to keep it over winter in the house and enjoy roses all winter. Ugh, did I say Winter.