Monday, August 9, 2010

Ominous clouds

I took these pics about 3 weeks ago, but forgot to show them to you. I thought the clouds were pretty cool. Well, if you like to look at potential storms, that is. Actually, we didn't get much out of them but a little light rain. I think they passed over us and dumped on somebody further to the east.

Maybe 'dramatic' is a better word than "cool"?

Did you notice the cat sitting on top of the well cover? (Click to enlarge and see her better.) She didn't seem worried about any storms.

That white dot to the left of the silo (above) is a bird, I discovered after greatly enlarging the photo. I couldn't tell what kind, but it was probably a pigeon. There are three more on or near the peak of the hayshed.

We've had a lot of potential for storms this summer with all this heat and humidity, but thankfully we haven't had ANY storms at all, and though we've had plenty of rain, at least it's been in reasonable amounts. Places in Iowa have gotten like 7 to 11 inches... at a time!!


Anonymous said...


Those are fantastic pictures.

I'll bet it was really neat to see it for real.

Yeah, I won't be disappointed when this summer heat is over.

It is better than a dry summer though.


Grandma G said...

Thanks! Yeah, neat... but I got sort of a "better batten down the hatches" feeling!