Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall fun!

What's fall without a good ol' romp in the leaves?

Of course, first you have to do the work of raking them.

She put Daddy to work, too, during the couple of minutes he had while his corn was unloading into his bin (which is the noise you hear in the background). But then he had to run.

Such fun it was!

Miss Purrkins joined in for a while, too, but I guess she got tired of being buried. ;-)

Grandpa had come with a load of corn, too, and made the pile even higher! I just love this next picture for some reason. I guess because she looks so "grown up"!

(Same day... different pants. But only because Grandma had gotten her a new pair which she tried on and then wanted to leave on. Should've put the pink ones back on, though... they didn't have cuffs to fill with leaves! lol )

A grand time was had, indeed!


The Luedtke Family said...

I ABSOLUTELY love fall fun and fall photos! Enjoy the outdoors while it is still comfortable and we are not so bundled! Because the enjoyment of outside will drastically change, not disappear, just change.

Laquita said...

Just delightful! The best kind of batteries, electricity or cash required.