Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain, rain... went away!

Remember the new lakes from just a week ago? Although there is still plenty of water left standing in other areas, at least these particular "lakes" are gone except for just a bit of water in the ditch.

We've had a string of perfect fall days (well, perfect if you don't count the new crops of mosquitoes, Asian beetles, noseeums, and boxelder bugs... not to mention the "fragrance" that comes with the north breeze from the neighboring dairy lagoon... *sigh*) this week, drying things up quickly.

As you can see in the photo below, the soybeans are being combined. Click the pic to enlarge it, and you can also see that they've had to skip a few, though.

And look below at how dusty the beans are. Yesterday as I took these pics, there was no breeze, so the dust was just hanging in the air.

That's a neighbor's combine. Grandpa and company have managed to get a lot of beans out this week, too... without even getting stuck in the mud. That's progress! And more beautiful harvest days are in the forecast! Hurray!


grace said...

Such a beautiful sight! It is amazing how we got 8.8 inches of rain Last Wednesday and by this Wed there were combines in the fields. I have not seen box elder bugs BUT we tons of those creepy brown "wire worms". Grandpa H. got after them with Tempo spray and now we have tons of dead crunchy worms..EEEhew. I would be welcoming the first frost if it were not for all the beautiful mums in their full glory.

Anonymous said...

As Always great pictures! Headed for another week end in the mountains. thanks Mark

Grandma G said...

The only wire worms I've seen were in the sandbox. Courtney was not thrilled. ;)

Thanks, Mark. And have a great weekend!