Friday, October 8, 2010

Random fallness, part 2

Here's our final soybean field as it looked at the time of my walk yesterday morning. Yep, a rather large wet area out there.

Note the water standing in the rows, too:

Here's another section of the same field (look beyond the pasture that I'm standing in). The black areas are where water had stood after the big rain:

The soybeans got combined out there today. The driver of the combine managed to get mighty close to the water, without getting stuck!

Here he goes in that part of the field that had those black areas:

The breeze had nearly died, and the dust was really hanging in the air.

The sun went down as I was taking those pics tonight:

(Click any photo to enlarge.)

And not long after that they finished up the field, and our soybean harvest is complete for this year. The soybeans, BTW, (for all you farmers-at-heart) were extremely dry. It's very rare to hear a farmer complaining about his crop being too dry as it comes out of the field!

Tomorrow on to the rest of the corn (that hasn't already been chopped for silage or combined wet and put in a silo).

Oh, and I believe we hit a record high temperature today.... 87°! Crazy weather!


The Luedtke Family said...

Today was 85 degrees as we ventured to Scarcrow Fest! We made an awesome Scarcrow thanks to a $2 donation to the boy scouts. They had donated used clothing available, nylons,and straw for stuffing! I now know how to make a scarecrow!

Ours is named Walley. I think that is because my kids are currently loving the movie Wall-E. It was fun pushing Walley around in the stroller.

Grandma G said...

And I thought sure you'd have pics of Walley on your blog. Bummer. Don't tell me I have to wait till Halloween for them too! ;(

Sounds like a fun (albeit a bit too hot) day, though!