Friday, October 22, 2010

Random fallness, part 7

This will end my series of fall photos (unless I take some more, that is). What better way to end it than with some beautiful sunsets, right?

These first 4 pics were taken close to the same time, just different views.

You can see all the dust hanging in the air from the combining that was being done.

This last one was actually taken the night before the others, but I saved the best for last.

(Click any photo to enlarge.)

Hope you enjoyed the series, and the fall weather, wherever you are. Our lovely weather seems to be coming to an end, with rain in the forecast for the next few days, and even the possibility of the 's' word next week. Well, it sure was incredible while it lasted!

Also, the harvest is done, as is most of the tillage. I finished cleaning out my garden today, and mowed the lawn for one last time (it'd better be the last, anyway!). All that's left to do outdoors is clean out the flowerbeds... but they're still blooming!

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