Monday, February 28, 2011


The sun is gaining power these days. So there must be hope that spring is on its way! Here's a little evidence of it. Despite the fact that it didn't make it up to 30° yesterday (and it's only 10° now, BTW), there still was a bit of melting going on. Note the icicles on this evergreen tree:

Just ignore all the snow that's still around the gas tank (like I'm trying to ignore the 5+ foot snowdrift that covers most of our back yard, among other places). At least we can SEE the tank now! And I purposely didn't take more pics of all that white 'stuff'.

Have a closer look at the icicles.

Have hope!

(Click to enlarge, for even bigger hope! ;-) )

I took these pics just minutes ago. I've kinda scraped the bottom of the barrel of photos lately, and I don't have much left to post. I do, however, have a couple of projects in the works to show you soon. One should get finished today, and the other is an ongoing one with Courtney. Maybe we'll get that far enough along tomorrow that I can post pics of it soon, too.

And WHEN spring gets here, the beautiful (i.e. not WHITE) photos will begin again!

(Do I sound like I've had enough of winter???) Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, there is hope.

That's about all there is though.

The sun does seem to be regaining it's mojo.