Friday, July 1, 2011

Crash course

The day after I found Mama Kitty's babies, about a month ago, Courtney was here. Mama had been moving them into the machine shed, but they were still kinda scattered here and there, so Courtney and helped get them moved. They weren't terribly wild, but that day they got a quick, crash course in being tame! She held a couple of them, and they cooperated pretty well... or were too petrified to move. ;) This little calico learned her lesson well, though!

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. Since the kittens like to play in the long grass near the machine shed, we sometimes have to hunt for them.

The same little calico (now named "Princess" by Courtney) isn't quite as cooperative now. Though she's tame, she also likes to be a bit elusive when it comes to being picked up by Courtney.

Maybe Courtney needs a crash course on sneaking up on kittens! ;)

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