Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photos of our day so far

It's been raining (lightly, thank goodness) non-stop since the wee hours of the morning. Since Courtney and I had to go out to feed the kitties after she got here, we decided to dig out my 40+ year old umbrella. Goes perfectly with her boots, doesn't it?

That umbrella is in great shape for its age! It probably hasn't been used for 30+ years, either. Like how many times does one use an umbrella on the farm? :)

BTW, have you ever tried walking under an umbrella with a 4-yr.-old holding it???

Here's most of the crew we fed this morning:

The count is down by 5 since Mama Kitty took off with her babies nearly a week ago. I'm guessing she's training them to hunt. She does it every year. I'm sure she'll be back.

Here are a couple of babies we've recently named. This is Rainbow:

And Marshmallow:

I don't think Marshmallow is very fond of having her(his?) picture taken.

She/he and Rainbow are still a bit wary of us, along with several others that avoided the photos.

Of course there had to be a little snuggling time, too. This one is Mittens, and he is obviously one of the tamed ones.

Courtney is trying sooooo hard to be good today so she can go to the circus tonight! So far she's been very successful. :)


JHRME said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Can marshmallow come live with me!?

Grandma G said...

Yep, she/he sure can! All you have to do is come get her... and catch her. ;)

Anonymous said...

You have some pretty cool looking cats.
Mittens looks very symetrical and laid back.
Marshmallow looks a little smoky.
Try to get a shot of Rainbow's face.

I saw little Funky Face and now I'm suggesting Funky as a name but maybe you guys have one by now.


Anonymous said...

Another umbrella challenge...try sharing one with someone who is 6'5". The rain definitely wets the shorter one.

Looks like Courtney's fleece also protects against kitty scratches.

Thanks for sharing the kitty photos. Enjoy your day!


grace said...

What could be better than a shed full of kittys? I love the calico ones, so pretty. I can't wait until Courtney's weekly sleepover to ask how the circus was.

Grandma G said...

Dale... I think the funny-faced one has become simply that. Funny Face. :) Marshmallow is, indeed, a bit smoky, especially on the ears and tail. And I'm betting there will be more and darker "smoke" as time goes on. I'll try for Rainbow's face, but it's nothing unusual. What IS unusual, though, is just below her neck... she has a square or rectangular patch of the brown stripey stuff. Weird. She looks kinda dirty there. :) I'll try to snap it sometime.

Audrey... good to see you here! Ha, I can imagine trying to walk under an umbrella with Bruce. He should let you carry it half the time. ;) And you're exactly right about the fleece! :)

Grace... would you like a couple of these calicos for YOUR shed? ;) I'm looking forward to hearing about the circus this afternoon! Rumor has it there were no animal acts. :(

JHRME said...

She looks so snuggable...but I guess if you say she's hard to catch that make her hard to snuggle!

Grandma G said...

Exactly. But Courtney and I will have her tamed and snuggly for you by the time you get here! ;)

The Luedtke Family said...

Sitting here is St. Paul makes it tempting to come and snatch up one of those barn cats! If mittens is the one with the whiter body, I am in love.

Grandma G said...

Mittens actually is mostly black with just a few white markings. Maybe you're thinking of Funny Face? She has the holstein-looking markings, along with her funny face.

Do you know how far it is from there to here? ;) You'd be driving a good 7 hours round trip, most likely. Not sure just where your parents live.

JHRME said...

Luke and I went to the pet store to get walnut shells for my pincushions and I told him all about Marshmallow. He didn't seem to be convinced.

Grandma G said...

You mean he didn't want to drive 2 days to my place to get an animal he's allergic to?! What kind of a husband is THAT?! Gee, and I'd even give it to you for FREE! ;)

Lori said...

I do love these kitty pic's. We now have 8 babies and two more batches coming, enough!

Grandma G said...

Gee, Lori... your numbers could top mine! Yikes! :)