Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crafting with Courtney

Crafting seems to be Courtney's favorite thing to do at Grandma's house. Well, except for playing with kittens, that is. However, those mama kitties have hidden their babies, and we rarely get to see them. Consequently, when we do see them, they're pretty afraid of us. Yesterday the only kitten we saw was one of Patches', and as soon as it saw us, it ran and hid back in a corner of the machine shed where we couldn't reach it. We sat very quietly and waited as long as we could (a minute, perhaps ;) ), but she just wouldn't come out. So we gave up and went into the house to do "crafts".

Here are some adorable pictures Courtney drew. The top one is a mama bunny, and the three below are her triplets! I love them! Courtney took these home, but she also made a similar set for me to keep. Note their "fuzzy" tails!

This next project was all Courtney's idea. I helped a little with the glueing, but she drew the pictures and applied all the yarn. (I wrote the names, and she traced the letters.)

Someone suggested I start a new blog for Courtney's art projects. I thinking maintaining one blog is enough, so for now, we'll just stick with posting her work on here. She can have her own blog when she gets old enough to do it herself. :)

I have my garden all planted - hurray! Now just to put out some begonias and impatiens on the north side of the house, which is finally dry enough, and the planting will be all done. Then comes the weeding... but I'll do that a little at a time. What I really want to be doing now is working on my three sewing projects that are in the queue!


annie dee said...

cute crafts! what did you decide to put into the lil ol' coffee cup?

Grandma G said...

I took pics of that yesterday... will show you tomorrow! ;)

The Luedtke Family said...

Very fun crafts!

Enjoy the summer days with her!

I marked the summer before kindergarten with a goal. I wanted to read out loud all of Charolotte's Web to Simon before Kindergarten.

It would be fun for you and Courtney to have a summer project or activity to complete to mark the summer before kindergarten with Grandma.

Grandma G said...

Great idea, Becky... thanks!