Friday, June 29, 2012


I've had a lot of newcomers to the birdbath this year. I'm not sure why... maybe just because we've had so little rain in the last few weeks... or possibly because we have no stock tanks full of water for them to drink from right now. The birdbath sees a lot of action in a day, and I enjoy watching.

One bird I've never noticed in there before this year is a brown thrasher. They're such pretty birds, and they have quite a repertoire of songs. They also like to... ahem... 'thrash' in the water!

They have kind of weird eyes, too:

Another newbie is a tree swallow. I rarely see them around here at all, much less at the birdbath, but I've seen them numerous times this summer. I took this photo from my kitchen table, which is 15+ feet from the window, and unfortunately my camera focused on the dirty window rather than the bird. Guess that means I need to wash the windows again... aargh.

Just minutes ago I happened to see this little baby robin in the lawn. I had to perform some trickery on the cats to manage to get over there with the camera without them coming along. Heheh.

I suspect the poor little thing may be doomed, even though its parents were trying desperately to distract harm away. There are just too many cats around here. Sure is cute, though, huh?

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