Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interesting cat pics

Blowin' in the wind.....

That beautiful ball of fluff is Hairry, taking a nap next to the birdbath.

Then he woke up and posed nicely for me. Isn't he a pretty boy? He's such a nice cat, too. He's one of Mama's kittens from last year. All of her offspring have very nice personalities... including Josie.

Well, I had this post all done and scheduled to be published in the morning. Then I went upstairs and happened to notice out the window:

Too funny! That's Cuddles, Hairry's sister. That must be a really comfy spot to nap! She didn't pose as nicely for me as he did when she woke up, though.

I found these two fierce little things out in front of the garage Monday evening. They belong to Scoot (who was Mama's from two years ago). There was lots of hissing and spitting... couldn't have been any cuter! They haven't quite developed their Mama-offspring niceness yet. ;)

This is the fiercest one! Scares ya, doesn't she?!!! And just look at those claws!

Luckily, Scoot kept them there overnight, so they were ready to greet Courtney when she arrived Tuesday morning. They weren't as tough as they pretended to be, and we tamed them down considerably.

It's been crazy the last few weeks, how we've had kittens around on Tuesdays, but come Wednesday morning they're gone! I guess the mamas just know that Courtney comes on Tuesdays and needs kittens!! And yep, these two, plus all but one of the other five or so we saw this past Tuesday, are now gone again. The one stayed around so she could get her eyes treated again, I guess. She loves it. Uh huh.


Jessica Jones said...

Those feisty pictures are so cute I can hardly stand it.

Grandma G said...

Come here and I'll let you play with them! And see if they scare you!

Anonymous said...

Oh that fierce little black thing even has it's claws out.
If an adult cat looked at you like that, you'd back up.

This picture is a classic.


Grandma G said...

Yes... be afraid, Dale! Be VERY afraid!!