Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas crafting with Courtney

One of the craft supply items Courtney got from LiEr was a roll of Christmas ornament stickers, with the suggestion of making a "People Tree", like her girls did.

Since I don't have a lot of green markers, I bought a sheet of green poster board to shape into the tree. I was planning on having Courtney make a paper chain to wrap around the tree, but due to our unplanned-for trip to the post office, I didn't think there would be enough time for that, so I just cut some red strips with a decorative scissors and hot-glued them on. I cut a star out of construction paper. Here's how it looked with those on it:

The idea of it being a "People Tree" was that Courtney was to write on the ornaments the names of people in her life that she was thankful for. She did that (but only names that she thought were short enough to fit on the ornament), and then she proceeded to stick them on the tree.

She wrote "Jesus" on one ornament, and it got top position... on the star. It's His birthday we're celebrating on Christmas, of course!

She loved how her tree turned out! Here's how she wanted to display it:



annie dee said...

It's a great idea! Love the clever modeling job too!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the young ones creativity and thoughts! I guess the old ones is pretty good to. Mark

LiEr said...

Love it! I took photos of our 2012 People Tree, too. But they're still on the camera because too lazy to get them off for now. It was fun to look back on our 2009 tree and see how many names were repeated in 2012. Love that shot of Courtney being a Tree!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I love this idea. And your little model is VERY creative.

Grace said...

Very nice Tree. Funny little tree model.

Grandma G said...

My model is awesome... very creative! :)