Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crafting with(out) Courtney

Besides designing fashions on my iPad Tuesday, Courtney also did some crafting. Unfortunately, I wasn't on the ball with the camera (was too busy helping with the crafts to even think of it) while she was making stuff, so I didn't get any pics of her in the process, and I only remembered to snap these quickly just before she left.

These little squirrels were cut from templates found here. (I printed them out wrong the first time, thus I ended up with the smaller one, too... but it worked.) They are meant to be Christmas tree ornaments, but we just barely got them done this far before Courtney had to leave, so she was going to find string at home to hang them with. I like how she decorated the squirrels' tummies.

Below is a "Bunnyfur" paper doll and several sets of outfits for her. Courtney cut them all out while I was washing a couple of windows.

I got the free PDF file of these by leaving a comment on a blog somewhere... but I don't remember where. It matches a new iPad/iPhone app called Bunnyfur's Christmas (found in the app store), which is really cute and has lots of touch activities for kids!


Live a Colorful Life said...

Cute! You always find the BEST things for kids!

Grandma G said...