Monday, December 3, 2012

A patch of blue

Does anybody remember that movie, starring Sidney Poitier? It came out in 1965. I remember seeing it in the theater, and I liked it, if I remember right. That's beside the point, but I thought of it as I saw a LOT of patches of blue in our backyard yesterday. Bluejays! Usually I only see a couple of them at a time, but yesterday there were lots of them, and they weren't even camera shy. They didn't care if I was shooting them from the window or not.

Unfortunately, when I first saw them and went for the camera, it wasn't in its usual spot. Then I remembered I'd forgotten to take it out of the car on Friday. I went out and got it, but when I took it out of its case, it was cold, although thankfully it hadn't been below freezing out there. It indicated the batteries needed changing, so I quickly did that. BUT, the lens kept fogging up as I was trying to take pictures! Grrr! So the first ones ended up a little blurry, especially these first two where the bird had gotten right up close to the house for a couple of great shots. Shoot! (Pun intended.)

It didn't help that it was shady there, either. But he was soooo close!

Eventually I got the lens to stay clear, but by then the birds were back by the trees again, so the rest of these are zoomed shots. But still such a pretty blue! Enjoy!

I like this next one, even though it's blurry due to movement. Notice he has something in his beak!

And this one is just showing off ALL his blue!

Cocky little birds, aren't they? (Pun intended again.) ;)


annie dee said...

Great photos! I love these guys!

Grandma G said...

Thank you!