Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crafting with Courtney


Courtney had a great time with her crafting yesterday! My friend LiEr had send another package of goodies for her (and some yummy homemade krumkake for me!). Here's most of what was in the package. What you can't see is that on the back of each of the big pages of stickers is stapled another page with a scene to stick them onto. Courtney was pretty excited with all the loot!

The little package in plastic, next to Courtney's right hand, is what we worked on today. Here's what we made:

Yes! It turned into a gingerbread house! Soooo cute! (Just ignore the circle on the side of her forehead. She apparently pressed the cap of a marker against it. :) ) It's made of foam, and Courtney punched out all of the pieces of decorations. We worked together in assembling the house, and then I hot glued the decorations onto it.

Here's a closer look at the front:

One side (which looks pretty much just like the other side):

And the back:

Of course she just had to do one of 'those poses':

Goofball!! :)

That's all we had time to do today. Grandpa came in and Courtney wanted to play horse with him. So there are still lots of things for her to work on next time... which will be tomorrow, as we get an extra after-school day this week! Fun!


annie dee said...

Looks like Courtney may have been having some fun! Is that gingerbread house kit something LiEr has in her shop? I'll go look. It's pretty cute.

Grandma G said...

Nope, not in her shop. I don't know where she got any of the stuff!

Anonymous said...

We will be hoping with you that the compunction to "pose" will pass.


Is that the right way to use "compunction"?

Grandma G said...

Not really, if you consider this definition:
"Definition: 1. anxiety or uneasiness about doing something; 2. feelings of shame and guilt for wrongdoing. Synonyms: disquiet, qualm, contrition, regret, ..."

I don't think she feels the least bit of anxiety or guilt when she does that. ;)