Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hibiscus, etc.

How is my hibiscus faring this winter, you ask? Okay, nobody asked, but I'm sure you've been wondering. You have, haven't you? In the midst of all your Christmas preparations, surely you've been wondering. Okay, not. But I'm gonna tell you anyway. :)

Here it is, relegated to the bedroom Courtney uses when she stays here, which used to be her daddy's bedroom (and he still claims it as his when he's here). The room is on the south, so it gets plenty of sunshine, but it's not heated much. The hibiscus is looking kind of scraggly. Josie was pretty hard on it last winter, then the heat of the summer was a bit much for it, too. Not to mention that it needs to be in a bigger pot (please don't mention that!).

But it's valiantly blooming! I took these pics yesterday. The nice thing about the cool room is that the flowers last longer... maybe 2 or 3 days instead of just the normal 1 day. Of course I'm rarely in that bedroom, so I don't get to enjoy them as much as if it were in the living room... but that brings us back to the Josie problem....

On top of the cabinet next to the hibiscus is my umpteen-years-old red prayer plant looking down. It seems to like its location, too, where it gets just enough light without direct sunlight.

Oh, and in case you noticed the greenery by the hibiscus pot in the first photo, that's my now-42-year-old ivy. :) All of the above, plus my gerbera daisies, make up the extent of my houseplants these days. I used to have tons of them... but I guess I got lazy... and/or I got cats. ;)


Anonymous said...

Our hibiscus plants (two) caught a cold this fall. We didn't get them indoors soon enough, so they are not looking so good but I remain hopeful that as winter wears on they will yield some blooms to fight the gloom.


Grandma G said...

Oooh... that's too bad. 'Course it's not like you had anything on your mind besides plants this fall. I will hope for blooms with you!!