Thursday, January 31, 2013

Glistening trees

The freezing rain we had a few days ago has made for some interesting decorations in the trees, especially when the sun came up and highlighted them this morning. These little icicles look like they should be hung on a Christmas tree.

Below is the same view, only my flash went off unexpectedly. It made for a little different look. I think I like it better.

Here's the other side of that tree, with more sparkles:

Behind the tree you can see the the sun glaring off the ice on the driveway:

Yeah, we have plenty of ice. It only got warm enough to begin melting the compacted snow, and now it's frozen hard into solid ice. 7°F below zero hard, in fact! This is what our driveway looks like at the turn coming up to the garage:

VERY slippery, especially with that little skiff of snow on top! :(  I don't look forward to backing out and making that turn when I have to go into town tomorrow. That ditch on the far side is pretty steep! But, I've made it on worse... like a smooth sheet of glare ice. Scary, though!!

Here's some more living room window frost from this morning. I especially like that "bush" or "mini forest" or whatever it is in the upper right portion of the picture:

I've been working on my camera classes. So much to learn... I don't know if this ol' brain is up for all that. The settings on my camera are different than those in the classes, so I'm having to study the manual really hard, but I'm pretty confused at this point. I'm REALLY appreciating all the automatic things my old camera does for me!

Last night I finally cut some fabric again. I haven't sewn a stitch since I made the little AG doll hobo bag. That's over 2 weeks ago - yikes! Okay, life's been a bit crazy here lately, and it's not done yet, so my focus is off, to say the least. But today I think I'll get a little sewing in. Creativity is great therapy!


Anonymous said...

More wonderful frost shots.

Yeah, take it real slow and careful on backing down that slope.
Maybe someone (my bro.) could dump some gravel on that ice.


Grandma G said...

Thanks! And there are new designs developing! I took more pics this afternoon, but haven't looked at them on the computer yet.

Yeah, maybe he could.......