Thursday, January 17, 2013

Looky what I got!

Since Jess mentioned on her blog post yesterday something that she and Alex got me for Christmas (that I'd put on my most-wanted list), I thought I'd show you!

Yep, they're purse frames! Here they are again, opened up (although opened backwards, since they wouldn't stay open otherwise):

And with them came the glue to hold the fabric in with:

I've never tried this kind of bag before, but now I'm all set! I've found lots of tutorials for making them... I just have to decide what style I want to do, and choose fabrics, of course, which is usually the hardest part of all. :) Jess shows some examples of some really cute framed purses in her post, plus where to see more and a source for buying the frames and glue if you're interested. So I won't be redundant and give you links, too.

I'm sure my first attempts won't be anything as fancy as some of those. I'd better practice with 'basic' first. They're supposed to be a quick project. Let's see how long I can make them take. Ha! I will surely show you when I'm done!


Anonymous said...

Put a spring and a tripping mechanism in those pieces and you would have a great gopher trap! Just thinking out side the box. Mark

Grandma G said...

Ha! You're thinking outside the 'purse'... typical GUY. ;)