Thursday, January 10, 2013

On display

Our local library does displays of artistry of all sorts in the next-door city community room. The displays are all created by local (or as in this case, formerly-local) people. There are a lot of talented people around here! I've seen some amazing paintings, gorgeous photography, and various hand-crafted items.

Last month's display was textiles. The head librarian asked if I would share some of Jess's fabrics and anything I'd made from them for that display. Proud mama that I am, I said I'd be glad to, so I brought in some of the fabrics I had on hand plus the bag that I'd made for myself out of one of them.

I went back in later and took a picture of their display:

What you can't really see in the photo is that sticking out of the pocket of the handbag is a zip-lock bag of ribbons that Jess also designed.

So Jess, your fame increaseth, even locally. ;)  And yes, I do have everything safely back home here now.


annie dee said...

Seen altogether like that I'm more sure - the fabric is gorgeous! Jessica did a great job!

Jessica Jones said...


Catching up on my blog reading... thanks for sharing that photo, Mum. It's nice to see where my fabric travels to. :) Like the library.

Grandma G said...

Bet you never in your wildest dreams imagined that it would end up there, huh? ;)