Monday, February 25, 2013

A bit after the fact, but....

The 85th Academy Awards ceremony... a.k.a. "The Oscars"... was on TV last night. I'm not such a big fan of all that hoopla, although it's pretty interesting sometimes to see what the ladies wear. ;) I was actually more interested this year in seeing a certain pre-Oscars program.

It was LIVE with Kelly & Michael, which aired last Friday.

It's not really my kind of show. In fact, I never watch TV. But I did on Friday.

Among other Oscar-related topics, they were talking about how to throw a great Oscars party. Not exactly my 'thing', either.

However, I had a special reason for watching last week. Jess's Oscar Bingo Game was featured on the show! Yep, she (well, her blog name, that is) was mentioned on live TV!

We knew it was going to be on. Well, at least we hoped it was going to be on last Friday, as Jess had been told it was. But then, she'd been told that it was going to be on the week before, too, and it wasn't. And I wasted a whole hour watching the show for nothing. But this week we had a little more hope.

So I watched. I also had my camera all focused in, had taken a few practice shots (above), and I was all ready to get a few snaps of Jess's part in the show. Here it came... they were talking about parties. AHA! They mentioned playing bingo, they mentioned "a great little blog called How About Orange", and there on the table was a copy of one of Jess's Bingo cards! I pushed the button to take a photo............. and my camera said: "Memory Card Full". Aaaaaaccckkk!!!

So I quickly deleted a few pics and did manage to get a couple of not-too-clear shots.

That was Jess's Bingo card on the right (and one in Kelly's hand). Here's another blurry shot zoomed in:

At least I got a couple pics, even though I was so distracted with the camera that I didn't exactly catch all of what they said. Ha!

BUT... if you go to the show's web site, you can see clips of the whole show. Jess's part is on the one called "Oscar Party Ideas!" I can't guarantee it'll still be available when you read this, though, as I would assume they'll put up new clips of the most recent show once it's aired. Jess wrote kind of a fun blog post after the show aired on Friday. For a giggle, be sure to check out the links to what Kelly and Michael were secretly thinking! ;)

We didn't tell many people about this beforehand, since we weren't sure it was going to air. It's a good thing we didn't the first time around! So only a few were disappointed that time. ;)

Did any of you happen to catch the show? Did any of you watch The Oscars last night?


JHNickodemus said...

How cool to be faaaamous! (That kind of thing happens to me with my camera ALL THE TIME! So frustrating!

Grace said...

Yep,we did catch the show, and saw the Oscar Bingo cards. I wonder if there was a square for rude remarks by host?

We also watched--or attempted to watch-- the Oscars. I remember waking from a nap at least two times during the program. However I was awake to here some uncalled-for remarks by Seth Mcfarland. I find it strange they have so much time to spare for him and 'Captain Kirk" to banter back and forth so foolishly and then when the winners --in their excitement- want to thank all who helped them acheive the Oscar winner status--they so rudly cut them off with very LOUD music and actually HAUL them off the stage. Just Sayin it does not seem right.
Cudos to Jess once again for making the national TV network.

Live a Colorful Life said...

SO COOL that Jess's idea was on TV!

annie dee said...

Congrats to Jessica!!!