Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New babies and old(er) babies

Remember these cows? They've started having their babies! The first one was born on February 17th, which was kinda cool because it was Grandpa's mom's 91st birthday. :) There have been 3 more born since then. I decided yesterday was a good a day to go over and get some photos of them, since Courtney could go along and see them, too. It was another foggy day, making the lighting in the barns extra dim, so I was extremely glad for my camera classes, because I was able to get some fairly decent photos without even using a flash. No spooky eyes this time - yay!

Here's the first calf we came to. The babies learned quickly that the fresh, dry straw in the stalls makes for a pretty nice bed. Their moms seem a bit reluctant to go into the stalls, though, and prefer lying in the aisles. I suppose it's because they used to be range cows and aren't used to closed-in spaces.

Here's a closer look. This one has a cute white face, making it a "black baldy".

This is Mama looking on.

Grandpa decided to get the little one up so I could hopefully get a closer shot with the camera. Mama wasn't so sure she liked that idea, but she only watched closely.

Here we are... pretty cute, huh?

This is the only one with a white face so far.


Here's a younger black one with its mama:

And another black mother/calf pair:

I even got a little video clip of "lunch time". Look at that tail go! :)

In that same blog post, you saw these guys as babies. Have they ever grown since then!

That barn is looking pretty full now!

I wanted so bad to get a good picture of this red guy, but he wouldn't stand still for anything. So you have what's called a "blurred motion" effect in this pic. :) But at least you get to see his pretty color.

That's the progress so far. There are many more babies to come... like 167 or something like that!


annie dee said...

Oh they are so moo-tifully cute! I hope it warms up fast.

Jessica Jones said...

Fun to see these guys!

Anonymous said...

It's fun to see how the dairy has morphed. The white faced calf is very cute. Thanks for the great photos.