Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday party, part 3: Gifts!

Courtney got so many nice things for her birthday! Here's a super cute dress from Mommy and Daddy:

And leggings to wear with it:

Auntie Jess and Uncle Alex sent a couple of little "Dream Bakery" sets to make some fun goodies with. They look like they'd be good enough to eat! But they're just for pretend. :)

Grandpa and I gave her this portfolio for her art work:

Oops! That was upside down. Let's try this way:

To make some more art work to put in it, we gave her this set that I got a super deal on from Amazon before Christmas:

It looks so fun! I told her that it came with the condition that I get to use it with her sometime, too. ;)

I somehow managed to not get a photo of Grandma and Grandpa H's gift. You'll have to use your imagination.... think LOTS and LOTS of Legos! I want to play with them sometime, too!!

There were a couple more awesome gifts. So awesome, in fact, that they may each deserve a post of their own! (Also because I haven't taken many other photos to blog about lately. Sometimes life holds more important things than taking pictures.)


The Luedtke Family said...

Hope all is well. That the important things are good things that you are experiencing.

Sometimes life is more important than taking pictures, and uploading and posting and blogging.

Then I look back and wonder what was so busy or so important. But it totally is, in the moment, day to day.

annie dee said...

Love these bday photos. Looking forward to whatever you have for us whenever you have it!! That's one very happy bday girl!